Apple Testing at Least Nine New Macs With Four Different M2 Chip Variants -  Blog


Apple is reportedly working on nine new Macs with the upcoming M2 processor, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. These rumors have been fueled by Apple's unveiling of the Mac Studio and the announcement of the M1.

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The Ultra will be the last chip in the current-generation lineup. Bloomberg didn't expect it to replace Studio, but reports that most other Macs will receive an upgrade. Gurman said he has seen evidence of the M2-based

MacBook Air with it. The 10-core GPU, contrary to previous speculations that the redesigned Air will retain the same M1 as the entry-level MacBook Pro M2 with the same specs, the 14- and 16-inch MacBook

Pro models also appeared with a 10-core GPU. With the new Mac Mini and Mac Pro, all of which are next-generation Apple silicon, the current-generation M1 Pro-based Mac Mini is also cropping up.