The results section describes the main findings of a study, while the discussion section interprets them for the reader and provides their significance. This section should not be repeated from the results section.

Reviewers might reject manuscripts for common reasons such as the discussion and results sections because of:

  • Confusion among figures and tables
  • Inconsistent or incorrect data
  • Variables that may not be reported
  • Over/under interpretation of results

You can avoid these problems by using an organized structure such as points, outlines or subheadings to write the discussion and results. The results should be clearly presented using tables and figures so that the reader can understand the message.

The discussion section is where you will discuss your thoughts and defend your research. It should also highlight the importance of your research. To support your conclusion, use clear arguments, good writing, and logical explanations.

This article will provide you with tips and guidelines to create a results section for a research paper.

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