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  • Canghai Mingyue-Cangyue _ txt Novel Paradise
    At that time, in order to seize the throne as soon as possible, knowing that Zhou Chang was the king of Nan'an, he deliberately bribed and used Jin Chengjun to poison the old emperor when Sihan was in danger. Jin Chengjun then used it to commit suicide. But now, Li Sihan has also been poisoned by this incurable poison! Is it sent by heaven? Is God finally going to punish him for being vicious...
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  • Empress Strategy
    At this time, the arrow of a bodyguard pierced the horse stock, and the Jade Flying Dragon stood up in a rage, lamenting and howling. It galloped a few feet, twisted its body and broke its own leg. The guards swarmed in and surrounded the horse. I yelled, "Don't kill it!" I struggled to climb to Mr. Shangguan's side. Tai Yi lifted the fur with a shiver. "Sir?"? Sir Mr. Shangguan's eyes closed...
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  • Xi Dengzhi
    Ma Qinggui was unprepared and was kicked in the face by Miao Fengwu. He stood unsteadily, covered his face and staggered back a few steps. The silver needle sent out by Maochun was originally aimed at his eyebrows, but it missed his aim when he shook, passed through his fingers and shot into his left eye. Ma Qinggui sent out a scream of "ah", accompanied by the pain of drilling into the bone...
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  • Appreciate green tea expert male protagonist [wear quickly]
    Gu Wenjing became the top student in the senior high school entrance examination with nearly full marks. When he went to school to see the results, he saw a red banner hanging above the school gate before he reached the school gate. He warmly congratulated Gu Wenjing, a student from No.2 Middle School of the city, on winning the top student in the senior high school entrance examination! A...
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  • German Peasant's Blind Date [Farming]
    Jane originally wanted to pour milk on her head, hands have been raised, did not expect Qin Li will come to this move back to the horse gun, a moment too late to brake, and the shopping cart hit. Not only that, the milk that unscrewed the lid did not spill on the other side, but also spilled all over himself. Looking at the shirt drenched by milk, she screamed hysterically. Qin Li did not...
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  • The ultimate priest
    At this point, on the other side of the surface. A few minutes later, it was sent by urgent mail. Ye Feng got two of the best trumpet flowers as she wished. Delicate petals, pink pistils. Bright green leaves, hook-like vines, lovely shape and show a little sinister effect, flying morning glory is pink, and crazy, is dazzling bright red. These two best flowers are absolutely good assistants for...
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  • Tao Yao Ji
    Waiter tied the small bamboo tube to the pigeon's feet, then held it in both hands and let it fly into the sky. Would you like to wait here or come to get it tomorrow? Waiter asked. Come to Na tomorrow. Murong Yifeng put down the deposit and rushed out with Jiuxiao and Taoyao to chase the pigeon. Three people's flying skills are not weak, so they can follow closely behind the white dove. But in...
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  • Love sword mountains and rivers
    "At least I haven't lost yet. There are only two old Hanlin. We're afraid they won't be able to come up with money if they lose, so they can barely win a draw." Nangong Shaoqiu said, "I'm not as good as singing a song, because I can't sing at all. I'm interested in other projects." "The project is chosen by the guests, and we have no rules." "Well, then I'll ask for advice first on the board!"...
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  • Devil's law
    As a result, Du Wei estimates that in the next year, grain prices in the two northwestern provinces will be greatly reduced! Then, in the town, a grand and unprecedented celebration was held. Everyone went crazy, drinking and dancing, cheering for the harvest created by the gods. The celebration lasted a day and a night, and everyone was drunk and drank all the wine they could find, but no one...
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  • Sanha Goddess
    Confident women, their eyes do not dodge, because they know that they should have a reserved posture. A confident woman, whether a senior white-collar worker or a housewife, can always see the feminine characteristics of gentleness, virtue, meticulousness and consideration. Men and women are different, once a woman loses the taste of her own gender, it is tantamount to being sentenced to death...
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  • The ancestor of all demons
    Remember, when I heard this idiom, in order to understand its meaning, I went to check some information. For Ran Rong, I still remember clearly. Legend has it that the red character in the tiger represents the red ghost. In ancient times, it was said that people who were eaten by tigers became red ghosts after their death, specially luring people to eat for tigers. Make a ghost for the tiger....
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