Welcome to WebYourSelf!

WebYourSelf is a freely accessible social media platform that allows you to promote yourself, your company, an organization or any other type of institution and service. The service is based in Germany as well as our server landscape. We try to provide the highest level of performance and security. The main features: 

  • With the help of WebYourSelf, people all over the world can connect and share content with each other. 
  • When you register on WebYourSelf, you can send and receive friend requests. Thus, over time you'll build a network of friends, acquaintances and even strangers with whom you can communicate. 
  • You'll be able to publish your current status or activities, your location, as well as your interests, and thus share them with your friends. This works both in text and image form or with the help of videos as well. 
  • Once your friends see your status, they have the option to "Like" it if they like it or leave a comment. 
  • The WebYourSelf messaging service also makes it possible to communicate privately with your friends. 
  • This creates an interactive platform where you can follow what your friends are doing and liking. 
  • Via the WebYourSelf Marketplace you can also buy and sell self-made or no longer needed clothes and objects, similar to the portal Ebay Classifieds. 
  • However, WebYourSelf does not only allow private individuals to create a profile. It is also possible to create a page for your business or artistic presence. Besides, the platform lets you discuss common interests within groups. 


We hope to have given you a small insight and hope to welcome you on WebYourSelf soon.