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  • Jin Man Cang in the 1980s
    "The cost is not low, and the rent here is not much lower than Huaihai Road, but I also hired two more salesmen." Yang Ningxin pointed to the two salesmen standing behind the counter who were greeting each other and looking at the goods: "Where is the little girl from Shanghai?" Duan Dapeng followed her eyes and looked over: "Does the little girl in Shanghai need more salary?" Yang Ningxin...
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  • Lotus Treasure Mirror
    Du Chen clenched his teeth, did not continue to fight, beckoned the bone, turned the lotus and flew out of the sea, but did not fly high, holding the star of Thuram high at a distance of more than ten meters from the sea, staring coldly at a large number of fish people rushing towards him. Want to get the relic back? Then come with me! I have prepared the door to hell for you, ready to set foot...
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  • Unlimited Upgrade Contract Flow _ 20200215155714.
    "Let's go to the haunted house!" At this time, Gary suddenly found the most suitable place, that is, the resort of lovers'trysts, and also the best place to enhance the intimacy between couples-the haunted house! You Cary believed that with the courage of all you beauty, when you arrived at the haunted house, you would try your best to attack Li Yalin with moxa. When you did all kinds of...
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  • Escort Agency
    Fatty Qi put down his fishing rod and rubbed his hands with the kiwifruit and said, "Ha, this is actually a preliminary idea of mine. My good brother, you are also very business-minded. You just help me to give advice. You know, to put it bluntly, people like us who do grain business are buying low and selling high to earn a little price difference. For example, the north suffers a little...
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  • Archaic God King
    "How can you need someone else to teach you the charm of the Immortal Land?" The Feather Emperor looked at the Purple Emperor and said with a smile, "From this point of view, you are far worse than the ancient Great Emperor Yi." The purple emperor's pupils contracted, and the purple air above the sky was like a terrible storm. When the feather emperor saw this scene, he said, "Why can't you...
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  • My wife falls in love with me
    Mu Wanqing, of course, is not so easily moved by the woman, but also for his words and cold face a little slow. After taking a sip of tea, he nodded slightly and said indifferently, "What General Manager Yang said is very true.". Born in a wealthy family, although there are many more advantages and halos than ordinary people, the pressure is also unimaginable to ordinary people. In this case,...
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  • Demon Blood Emperor
    As long as you get the top ten, you will get the key training, and you will be able to stand out in the future. Of course, the higher the ranking is, the more attention will be paid to it, and there will even be competition among different factions. This kind of genius is no longer a sect that chooses you, but a sect that allows you to choose. After holding a ceremony and explaining the rules...
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  • How did I become a cat when I agreed to become a dog! [Synthesis]
    "Ah, this," said the girl, as if she had just remembered, taking out a small ruby pendant from the drawer. "It's for you. Put this on and go where the fog is heavy. It will guide you." "Oh.." Shuojian Ling looked at the bright and valuable pendant and thought it would be better if it was a bracelet, but as soon as he came up with the idea, the necklace automatically wound around his hand and...
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  • Yunxiu Zhaohua
    "That's it. Do you still want me to stay?" Man Ru said, "Although my sister-in-law has told me not to spread this matter today, but.." If I stay here in this capacity, I can't stay any longer. The gossip in this house can drown me. Lu Lang, would you like to see me die of depression? Lu Qian endured the pain and swore to Man Ru, "Sister Ru, wait and see. Within half a year, I will leave you in...
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  • The beast's blood boils
    "I've figured it out. I know you love me. That's enough." "Jose, don't blame me. I know if I don't give myself to you today, I won't have this chance in my life." "Seventeen years ago, you said that you would leave my virginity for the day when you really welcomed me. You must have had a premonition at that time, right?" Cui Beixi gently stroked Liu's shocked face: "I know, I know.." Are you...
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  • Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise
    More than a thousand meters away from Linzi's trimaran, the flagman appeared on the watchtower on the mast of the warship at the same time, sending a semaphore to Linzi to stop the ship immediately for their inspection. The other side's words are extremely fierce-stop the ship, extinguish the magic furnace, if you refuse, immediately sink! Linzi gave a sneer. He was about to steer the trimaran...
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  • Lotus Treasure Mirror
    After thirteen received the order, a ray of light slowly rose in front of him, dark green, which was dazzling and somewhat eerie-this was the shortcut of life in the population that allowed thirteen to go to the bone beast nest in an instant! Three long-robed men with flat-topped helmets stepped into the light and went straight to Du Chen!   Chapter 366 of the main text is a good...
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  • Unlimited upgrade contract flow
    Seeing that the source of his nightmare was destroyed, the hostages rescued by Li Yalin and others cheered loudly. How many companions died tragically among them? If Li Yalin hadn't arrived in time, I'm afraid he would have been buried in the ground like his companions for a while. But at this time, Li Yalin was contacting his supply officer to stay in the United States and rescue the hostages....
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  • Return of the Condor Heroes
    If you don't go back, don't scold me too. Kuo Hsiang was sharp-tongued and liked to argue with his elder sister, saying, "Oh, you are a married aunt, and your father and mother have always loved you the most.". You are the next leader's wife. Who has the courage to scold you? When Guo Fu heard her sister calling herself "the next leader's wife," she was delighted and said, "Many of these heroes...
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