Folks do not enjoy this. What we want are cards which have some type of nba 2k20 mt coins realism on them. It all started when they added that Charles Barkley that was the card at NBA 2K history. Now every card comes out just like this Charles Barkley. I remember in 2K16 that if you wanted a card which could take at 3s you had to choose DeMarcus cousins. Now almost every center can shoot and it's stupid.Had Bill Russell hitting greens in me in TTO in December or January they push these nonsense cards to NBA 2K earlier each year and proceed up the release date as well to get in the players wallets. People obviously do enjoy this (where else could Lonzo fans be able to play with w a 99 overall lonzo?). If they didn't, NBA 2K wouldn't be similar to this bc folks wouldn't be buying the packs and enjoying with the mode. The ones who do not enjoy it are the minority. NBA 2K makes decisions like that to target the small minority which spend a shit ton of money buying VC to spend on packs. It's a example of the classic 80-20 rule. When they don't make money off of nearly all players in 27, implying they give a fuck about what the majority believes is shockingly naive. You are saying the big spenders are? Why are packs bought by men and women? It is naive to believe that the majority does not like this material, but proceeds to open packs and play myteam. Who do you believe the big spenders are playing against? That would also imply that the big spenders are the ones benefiting. You are in the minority. Clearly the big spenders play a larger part than many others, but it doesn't mean they are the only ones who like this kind of content. You do not think there are those that are fans of Thon Maker? People who have made a lot of MT working the AH, that have more than sufficient MT for him, I'm sure they like this also. Crazy to think large spenders see packs wake up and are pleased with this drop. The majority of the people who don't enjoy this content are those who can't manage these gamers, and are scared they'll lose to them. This doesn't take away from your ability to produce your own dream team. And if people didn't enjoy it, they would go play with my league instead. You also picked a poor time to decide on that cash comment, seeing as though they simply released 5 complimentary GOs, 33 PDs, and 30 diamonds. Was this to please the big spenders too? This was 2K showing they do not care for those who don't spend money? They could have easily put Kobe in packs for the big spenders they're catering. Now you're Right its a Fantasy Mode but it's only got out of palms, a GO shaq that has a 90ish 3pt don`t feel as a shaq, its like every GO Card is identical with just another Skin Bundle they have all 30+ Hof Badges and all the stats are similar to 95+, the only difference will be the Position and elevation. Each GO card is exactly the exact same is a lazy take. If that were true, there would be no requirement to cheap nba 2k20 mt start out packs once there's a GO at every position, bc the newest ones published are precisely the same as the old.