Heading through the classic wow gold portal site for the first time proved to be a significant landmark in Azeroth's history, so it would be quite exciting to see the Classic community have the opportunity to relive that experience. But with this in mind, just how far do these servers progress before they're no more shooting what Classic was all about. These are a few of the answers Blizzard is currently after.

The poll, published by Blizzard, offers players the opportunity to give their view on how they'd want to start tackling Burning Crusade content. Should their Classic server only patch in the new content, should they start a new character from scratch, or even start a new character that begins at level 58? It is a pretty interesting question that provides players a real opportunity to try and explain what they desire from any"Classic" experience.

 The survey asked how players would prefer to approach a new role in"Classic" Burning Crusade, with these options:Continue enjoying my present Classic character on my existing server as it progresses to the Burning Crusade expansion, together with the choice to move to a Classic server which won't ever progress beyond level 60. Start a brand-new character from level 58. Start a brand-new personality from Level 1.

Continue playing my present Classic personality in my current server that will never progress beyond level 60, with the option to move to some Burning Crusade server. The poll also requested Classic players how interested they are in playing"Classic" Burning Crusade. This poll makes it look like Classic Burning Crusade is still a few months, if not annually, away; but mywowgold wow classic gold players must still have plenty of vanilla articles to keep themselves occupied while the content strategy for TBC is in the works.. Until then, For The Horde!