This is totally insane. There were aion classic kinah lfg groups that posted for groups that had hairpin quests. It's possible that many of those who were banned weren't aware it was a glitch. It's not hard to make a change to the game. It's better to solve the issue instead of prohibiting 15 percent of their players. I'm thankful I didn't sign up to any of these groups since I was busy farming ap.

The account you have been using was found to be in violation of the Rules of Conduct and the User Agreement. This was verified by the use of an exploit in Steel Rake. The abuse was confirmed by both reports and the game's logs.

As a result of this violation due to this offense, your account will be temporarily suspended for seven days. It is possible to log back into your account once the suspension period of seven days has ended. The decision is final. Any appeals can be refused.

This is your last warning concerning any violations of the User Agreement and/or Rules of Conduct. Any further violations could lead to your account being terminated permanently by Aion. I urge you to adopt all steps necessary to ensure that this doesn't occur.

The night prior to being banned, I ran an SR ledger ran and turned in two times. There are about 25 mobs that drop the ledgers. I'm guessing. If I were to get my 10, group would wait while I turned off the instance after which I would return to continue the run.

I've been watching an extensive playthrough by Asmongold of Final Fantasy 14 and have loved it. The community has been extremely supportive in the last few months. It's great to witness Final Fantasy 14 finally get the chance to shine as Asmongold has been a long-time participant.

I've also been watching a lot of his takes on Classic WoW and live WoW issues and been exposed to the problems plaguing the game as a whole. As I watched his latest video discussing the possibility of World of Warcraft 2 I noticed something that was odd.

Everquest 2 was my first MMO. It was in 2004. It was an excellent game. I continue to play it on occasion. However it has in my brain died out and became a shell of what it was before I began playing it. Everquest 2 had been released as an Time Locked Expansion Server a while ago. It was basically a WoW server on steroids. Servers would grow faster and eventually catch up with live. The server could then be rebuilt at a the buy aion classic kinah eu same level. EQ2 is more expansive than WoW, but also has the issue of quality over quantity.