The north america's lubricant additives market size was valued at USD 3,537.65 million and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period 2022 to 2028. Precision Business Insights published a research report on North America Lubricants Additive Market by Product Type (Dispersants, Viscosity index improvers, Detergents, Anti-wear agents, Antioxidants, Corrosion inhibitors, Friction modifiers, Emulsifiers, Others), By Application (Automotive Lubricant, Industrial Lubricants), and Geography- Global/Region/Country Forecast to 2028”.

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Strategic Acquisition and Business Expansions boosts the Lubricants Additive Market growth
The major utilization of lubricant additives is mainly to enhance the fuel efficiency, engine protection and performance. These additives are projected to have great significance in upcoming years towards fuel economy, particularly contributing to rising technologies including Dual Clutch Technology. There has been a huge development in lubricating oil formulations wth growing regulatory pressure on lessening greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the vehicles fuel efficiency.

In order to accomplish fuel economy, a wide-spread research is carried out for enhancing the characteristics and properties of lubricant additive to go with the technological changes in modern accessories and engines. There are a few factors impelling the growth of lubricant additive market such as enhanced emission regulation in combination with fuel economy standards, rising automotive industry and growing aviation and marine transportation. Increasing preference towards environment-friendly fuels like renewable fuels in industrial and automotive engines is anticipated to accelerate the lubricant additives demand over the evaluation years. On the other hand, higher drain intervals for high-grade lubricants hamper the growth of market due to the lubricant solutions with reduced maintenance servicing and price. Furthermore, the variations in the lubricant market are accountable for the comparatively less growth rate of the lubricant additives market. North America lubricant additives market is exemplified by the presence of several key players in the market. Industries are booming by following a few significant tactics like, product portfolio increase, novel product releases, mergers and acquisitions. For example, Italmatch Chemicals is making a plan to acquire metalworking fluid business of Afton Chemical, which may prove advantageous for the portfolio of the past and assist in further development.

U.S witnesses larger revenue share in the North America Lubricants Additive Market
U.S is anticipated to lead the North America lubricants additive market due to stable growth in the population and novel advances in the automotive segment. 

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Competitive Analysis - North America Lubricants Additive Market
There are several major players operating in the North America lubricants additive market such as Chevron Corp, Afton Chemical Corporation, The Lubrizol Corporation, Infineum International Limited, BASF SE, BRB International BV, Wuxi South Petroleum Additive Co., Croda Lubricants, DOG Chemie, Dorf Ketal, Dover Chemical, Eni SpA., Evonik Industries AG, Jinzhou Kangtai Lubricant Additives Co. Ltd and King Industries Inc. Key players of this market also believe in increasing product portfolio and expanding the business by adopting effective strategies.

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