If you have more external storage devices, data exchange and storage must be more free. However, the cumbersomeness of reading and writing backups may increase significantly. The reason is simple: there are too many brothers to plug in, but there are few plugable ports. The most common one is that the USB port of the computer is stretched, and the hub (HUB) is overwhelmed. In the end, only one can be unplugged and one patched up. Take my daily work and interests as an example. I usually use mobile hard disks and U disks (currently upgraded to mobile SSDs) for synchronization in office. Daily SLRs, mirrorless cameras, and sports cameras need to be frequently plugged in and unplugged, and desktop hard disk cabinets. NAS, NAS, etc. occupies one USB port each, so if you don’t build a multi-port hub, you really can’t afford it.

7-port usb 3.0 hub comes with a power adapter, which is an active hub, with a power supply voltage of 12V. The purpose of course is to ensure stable transmission.

In addition to the power adapter, the accessory is a data cable, USB-B to A, with a length of 1.2 meters.

The hub is a long strip, 7 ports usb 3.0 hub arranged horizontally, black background piano gloss, the disadvantage is that it is easy to leave grease fingerprints when you take it by hand, but this kind of thing is mainly functional, and the fingerprints are not obvious. Does not affect the appearance.

The strip on the back is designed with two sockets, which are located on the left and right sides, one for the data line and the other for the DC voltage converter power supply.

The workmanship of the cable is relatively good, the plug position is kept long, the plugging is not laborious, and the rear part is sufficiently buffered.

There are not many “bright spots”, and the 7 U ports correspond to 7 small blue lights. The LED lights up on this black background color is quite eye-catching, not plugged in, it will light up when the disk is connected.

Putting me storage soldiers up one by one, two 2.5-inch mobile hard disks, 3 mobile M.2 SSDs, and an external 3.5-inch warehouse has not been on the battlefield. If you all come to join in the fun, 7 mouths are not enough.