Recently I was asked to look into a state game result page for one of my favorite horses, maiden satta. The page gave me quite a bit of insight about the online satta king process and what goes on behind the scenes before a Satta horse race is run. It was a great piece of information and definitely gave me some new perspectives on the satta game. However, I wanted to write about something else that came up in our satta discussion.

The Satta King (game result) is also called satta grand Prix in Italy and sometimes spelt satta superi auctore. It lists all of the leading contenders in an event and there is usually a satta grand Prix entry list followed by the podium listings for each horse. In the Satta Results there are six satta strings. I've written about satta strings before and how they can help handicappers and race fans alike.

The Satta Matka grand Prix entry list shows who is in the lead and who is back in the satta game. Sometimes there is a satta string with two or three horses listed that are all within touching distance of the lead or one another. I looked up the last three up satta king strings to see if any of them had ever led in a satta game and the results showed there had been no satta game results listed for those horses.

The sattaking is run a day after the satta final in a different satta track. What this means is that there has been no satta practice or racing to be done and therefore no analysis or testing has been done and thus the probability of any surprises is very high. It is my opinion that you should avoid betting on multiple Satta game or on multiple horse races as there is simply too much riding involved and too little data available.

My best advice for picking winners is to bet on one satta game and play it to its full potential. That means one shri ganesh satta king event and one long program of horses. I still see the value in playing trifectas and other types of trifectas but the odds on a single सट्टा मटका string may be greater and therefore the payoff may be higher. I think it is better to play a horse than a program so that if something unexpected happens, you have more information at your fingertips to act on.

My next suggestion deals with looking at the Satta Bajar and calculating what the likelihood would be that a horse will finish first or second in satta. There is an argument that the probability of winning is high on a satta day but this may not necessarily be true. For instance if two top bets are made and the winner is only third in Satta Live we may believe that the probability of the runner winning is still high but the price may be lower on that particular race due to the unbetched satta game.

This can be used in any form of betting and horse racing handicapping. For instance a good method to use satta results in a linear fashion is to look at Satta Result from last year, analyze the top ten finishers in satta, how many were jockey starters, how many were first time starters, how many were third or fourth timers and so forth. The answer may surprise you. Most of the top trainers come into satta with a very experienced horse and a number of gali satta king starts in their stable. Therefore most satta results will reflect well on an experienced horse and there is little reason why a beginner in the sport of horse racing should make an early bet in satta as the result could be disastrous.

However, Gali Satta are rarely used in the daily race track games and more often than not they are used in the high handicapping stakes races. There are many reasons for this but one reason I have always seen Satta King Up used is when a horse has an outside shot at the lead and the crowd wants it over the second placed horse and the post position. In this case the outside shot would have been better taken from satta with a good horse than from the post. That is why I have always felt Satta Satta is such a great form to consider when a horse is near the lead and has a strong post position.

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