The Nike blazer from mid-1977 had a lot of hats-some unisex, some quite energetic. This pair is just an example of the latter, which stands out in color and texture. But the foundation of these characteristic clothing is quite simple, choose the standard white disheveled leather structure. The midsole, lace unit, and lining follow the tone of the suit, while the cover prefers a feeling more suitable for spring. Bright green and dark blue illuminate the forefoot and heel. They are located at the ends of the Swoosh and the eye stay. Their scales are cream and water green respectively.

Autumn and winter are far from over, but Nike seems to have begun to look forward to spring. In the latest New Sale Jordan, the brand leaped forward aesthetically, painting this iconic treadmill with many bright colors. However, the foundation was fairly neutral at the beginning, providing a foothold for many of the details mentioned earlier. The entire front foot and most of the neckline/lining are white, while the cream color contrasts with a small part of the fender. Then, staying in the rib eye and the midsole mold, the bright aqua blue color came into play, contrasting the side Swoosh of the deep magenta and its brand.

New 2021 Jordans its collaboration with "League of Legends" and the launch of the "Have a Good Game" package, digital images and similar design clues have become the main features of Swoosh. These nostalgic elements of technology continue to show that the brand has added new blacks and blues to provide the Nike Air Force 1 series with subtle textures. The shoes start with a black smooth leather upper, with perforations seen in the middle panel. These perforations are complemented by side swooshthat feature dotted designs finished in a blue iridescent color-an appearance can be seen as the reverse of an earlier revealed Nike Air Force 1. The combination of black and blue is also comparable to the colors often used by the Playstation brand. In addition, the metal lace dubraes also showed a rainbow-colored appearance to further the scientific and technological theme. A tongue label, inspired by programming to create a brand, completes this digital design for Nike's other impressive proposition.