With its layered appearance and Jordan 2020 Release  hollowed out midsole design, Nike Air Max 2021 is one of the most exciting models to appear this year. As a color scheme specially designed for women, the outline of Max Air adopts tones and features pearlescent details, presenting a fashionable new look. The soft pink is called "barely rose" and is applied to all mesh uppers. Exaggerated leather lace and other leather elements also show off the pastels of the monochrome scheme. In addition to the Swoosh decals on the side, a clean white construction was also chosen for the midsole. At the same time, the iconic core design of the heel includes an Air unit, which showcases an iridescent, pearl-like appearance-a luxurious touch that sets this arrangement apart from the previous claims. After launching a series of bright color proposals this summer, Nike Waffle One will turn to dark colors in the fall. One of Nike waffl's latest designs retains the neon tone of summer, while adding more autumn colors as a pure embellishment. This new style features a two-color scheme with pink as the main color.

Although the high single unit of the Nike Blazer Low Platform is enough to add drama to the classic silhouette, 2021Shoes ,the Swoosh design team is not afraid to continue experimenting with color matching. For example, the upcoming pair of numbers seems to be nothing more than a soft-toned number—just a swoosh with unexpectedly reflective contours. This new woman exclusively sees simple beige suede shoes, supplemented by a soft yellow leather heel tag. The shoelace introduces another soft tone, choosing a matcha green leather construction. The black leather shape is actually reflective, which is different from the minimalist aesthetics shown elsewhere. The white rubber sole and exposed foam tongue design give another creative low-variant appearance of the Nike sports jacket. A vivid pink-toned ultra-fine mesh upper and signature stacked heel piece. The suede lace and the covering to wrap the toe and heel choose a purplish burgundy red to give the product a more autumnal atmosphere. Most importantly, the side Swooshes of the black pebble leather animation. The end result is another impressive color scheme for the waffle.

Nike Air Max Plus continues to have avid fans in the UK and Australia, and has been seeking to expand its fan base with recent non-original but eye-catching styles. Similar to the iconic design of Sean McDowell that appeared before, and New Air Force 1 Shadow, this pair of upcoming shoes is obsessed with a soft color palette. However, by covering the upper part of the grid pattern, there is a shimmering metallic whoosh on the side, which is a statement. The whale-tail-shaped calf is closely behind the middle of the foot and the tongue, while the non-standard brand deviates from the vibrant blue hue of the sock lining. The Variant of the Air Max unit is rounded with soft makeup and dark blue talent. Compared with the 990 series or 327, New Balance 1400 is not the most popular child. Except for several collaborations with J.Crew and BEAMS, this silhouette rarely collaborates with peers. However, this may soon change, as it will soon return featuring American-made buildings. The color scheme meets half of its material, providing a clean arrangement of neutral and cool colors. On the side, the "N" logo matches its soft blue, a mesh toe box with a slight tone. Elsewhere, the Boston-based footwear brand’s fondness for gray is reflected in the adjacent suede, which is almost velvet-like texture. Cream, then, through the palette followed by clips and leather paneling.