KuCoin login- Buy and sell cryptocurrency in minutes

Operating more than 200 countries across the world,KuCoin exchange has been fulfilling the crypto trading needs of the people for a long time and there is no doubt it has emerged as one of the best crypto exchanges available today. Along with providing you with top-notch services in the field of trading, it also provides you with great customer support and makes sure that you do not find yourself in a troublesome situation while using this exchange. Therefore, to help you avoid any such kind of hurdles, we are going to walk you through the complete process of KuCoin login, sign-up, and other relevant procedures.

The KuCoin sign up process for newcomers

To sign up on the official website of KuCoin, you can use the steps that are listed hereby:

  1. https://www.KuCoin.com/ is the official website that you need to navigate to
  2. On your right, spot and click on the "Sign Up" option
  3. Choose one of the sign-up options (email/mobile) and fill in the details according to your selection
  4. Click the "send code" option to verify your details and then set a KuCoin login password
  5. Click "Sign Up" after reading and agreeing to the terms set by KuCoin

Signing in through the KuCoin official site

In order to sign in to your KuCoin account through the official website, here are the easy to follow steps you can use:

  1. Begin by going to the https://www.KuCoin.com/ucenter/signin page
  2. Choose your preferred method for logging in i.e. email, phone, or QR code
  3. If you choose the last option, make sure that you have the KuCoin app installed
  4. Else, fill the login details in the given form and then click "Log In"
  5. When prompted, complete the verification process and you're done

Why is KuCoin login not working?

If you are finding it a little challenging to use the KuCoin exchange or you are not able to use it, then there could be some serious factors leading to this problem. For example, if the internet connection on your device is slow or the KuCoin website is undergoing maintenance or its servers are down, the login issue would arise. However, there is no need to worry in this situation. All you need to do is follow the quick tips that are listed below and you will definitely be able to resolve the problem.

Fix "can't login to KuCoin" issue

  • Verify and rectify the internet connectivity
  • Check the website server status
  • Make sure you are not signing in from one of the U.S. locations
  • Turn off the VPN or antivirus services
  • Verify the KuCoin login credentials


Well, the KuCoin exchange is not licensed to be used in any of the United States which comes out to be one of its biggest drawbacks. So, if you wish to trade in crypto through this platform, you can go ahead with choosing one of its alternatives. Else, you can use a VPN service for the same. So, if you'd ask someone if KuCoin exchange USA licensed, then the answer would be no.