This will solve the issue of pkers having to RuneScape Gold grind for money before reverting to botting. Now, pkers have capital to start their own bank for pk and the skills to begin pking. Selling and trading on accounts will likely to decrease at the buyers' end. This will reduce demand and sell accounts generally. I may go into more detail about this later.

It's becoming harder for me to determine the XP rate for each skill, in order to make reasonable adjustments based on the natural limits to XP. What are some possible training methods, with their base XP/h rates that you think would be appropriate for players from moderate to high levels?

The methods of skill that are considered must be able to provide Gp/xp ratios that aren't excessive, like Demonic Thrones which cost far too much to be a training method that many people would employ. These figures are for BXP, but they were before the 2.7x BXP modifier. So it is possible to afford more complicated or expensive training methods.

It is important to remember that humans are not perfect and can't achieve maximum XP rate in high-concentration training methods that require a lot of clicks. My initial thoughts are Format: Skill - Rate of XP - Training methods. Higher level xp rates - Training methods.

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