Just a few days after FIFA s world launch 22, we run into the news that Benjamin Mendy has been removed from the Electronic Arts sport video game. The decision is taken because the French is immersed in a judicial process and the company has preferred to stay awaiting the resolution to reinstate the profile of it in the templates or eliminate it definitively.

At the French side of Manchester City is attributed, between October 2020 and August 2021, four charges of rape and one of sexual assault . He is currently being investigated by them and must appear before the court on November 15, leaving the trial pending for January 24.

The news has been confirmed in statements provided to Eurogamer, where it is ensured that Benjamin Mend has been removed from Manchester City teams and the French soccer team and suspended from appearing in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and the Draft while waiting for judgment.

Some were able to acquire the footballer in envelopes and auctions Therefore, Mendy will not appear in the official FIFA 22 templates, nor will we have the letter from him in Fut. The latter has caused some confusion in the players, since Some could acquire the footballer in envelopes and auctions through the EA PLAY ACCESS Test .

This situation is not new in the franchise. Two editions ago, Electronic Arts also made the decision to leave outside FIFA Ultimate Team to Marco Van Basten after a Nazi proclamation. With Mendy, we will have to wait to know if he will be available on this occasion in a delivery that we have recently analyzed in 3D games, resulting in the technical at the right direction.

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