A case study is a great way to increase sales because it provides a real-life example of how your company has helped the customer to achieve his goals.

A tailor-made case study like the Google Project Oxygen case solution highlights your successes and enables you to show readers how your product can help them to achieve their goals.

Earning the trust of potential prospects can be a hard nut to crack. These actionable ways will help you to craft an effective case study:

  • Tell an interesting story 

Do you want to engage high paying customers with your case study?

In order to reach this goal, you have to tell more compelling stories that engage the prospects.

Telling a captivating story sets you apart from your competitors. Your case study might be effective, but if it resembles what is already present, not a single reader will care.

In the field of marketing, storytelling is the most effective tool to bring the soul into your content and even brand.

At the end of the story, you have to convince your prospects. If your story fails to motivate people to take action, it means that your story is not interesting.

  • Properly structure your case study

You can only build credibility in your case study if you know how to structure it. Accordingly, you need to properly organize your case study.

When you are writing a case study to attract potential prospects to your brand, you have to write it in a formal and academic style. Instead, you should make it more professional and conversational.

It would be best if you convey the story from a happy customer’s perspective. While structuring the case study, you need to follow this format:

  • Focus on the client
  • Challenges he was facing
  • Show the entire journey
  • The discovery
  • The ultimate solution
  • Implementation
  • Results


  • Provide before and after examples

Fitness professionals use this strategy more accurately. You have to provide your potential prospects with a clear before and after example.