Giving bards the ability to perform is among my top options in this game. My favorite moments from this game was it was when i woke early on WOW Classic TBC Gold a Saturday morning and decided to play some FXIV. I also made dinner and we had a great time eating my breakfast while my character was seated on one of the benches in limsa. There was a bard nearby just playing some nice music and other players were also around discussing things.

Spend some time exploring the city. I met my wife by wandering around limsa and now we're in a relationship as well... Even if you're looking for RP or anything like you'll come across people who simply enjoy playing music and dancing, or who ask for help, or just say "wanna meet my horse?" (Moi is an example.) While 14 may be my very first MMO and I'm glad to stay.

I was exactly the same in the beginning of two days of playing WoW. While I was in my WoW mind set to blast blast blast fast, fast and fast I was exhausted and was in the right spot at just the right moment. These days, I tend to have my last few minutes on the internet walking around Limsa taking in the lovely looks and enjoying the excitement. I've heard that weekends are filled with parties so you might want give that a shot!

It's still fun to look at the cool mounts as well as buy WOW TBC Classic Gold the gear sets, don't get me wrong. But that's all there is now. Things were more vibrant in cata than before. There was plenty of people within the city. People used to chat or play with toys. Now there's silence, and a naked goblin trying to get people to roll their eyes.