Global Office Machines technicians can fix any Brother printer error or malfunction. Our experts share their top tips for troubleshooting printer problems that you can try yourself.

If your Brother laser printer, all in one printer, or fax stops working, you should first look for an error message on the LCD screen. In most cases, you will see an error message or error status code. error printing on brother printer Professionals is the best people to help you with most errors. Global Office Machines Brother Laser Printer Repairs are available for same-day service. You can repair some Brother printers yourself.

Brother printer repair simple

If you are unable to resolve the error message or code displayed on your Brother printer, we recommend that you try a simple fix.

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Control Panel Homepage (on left) > System & Maintenance.
  2. Scroll down and click on Administrative Tools
  3. Double-click on Services > Scroll down to Print Spooler> Right-click Print Spooler>
  4. Double-click Print Spooler > Select Automatic for the'startup type' > Apply > Click Ok
  5. You might consider running a job as a printer

Common Brother Printer problems and solutions

Brother Printers are top-of-the-line machines that feature the most recent technological innovations. Many repairs are too complicated to handle by a layperson. Global Office Machines provides a full Brother model printer repair service in Sydney. We have a fleet of mobile service vans that are manned by printer repair specialists.

GOM is a specialist in printer sales and repairs. Our technicians can help you set up your machine, and guide you through the basic troubleshooting steps you can do at home.

We can help you with common repairs such as replacing a tray feed box, replacing a waste cartridge, and clearing out a paper jam from a duplex unit.

These are just a few other issues that could require the assistance of a technician.

  • Error code 54: The fuser unit must be replaced
  • Error code 55: The laser unit must be replaced
  • Error code 7D: The drum unit has become contaminated by dirt and requires cleaning
  • Error code 5E: It is necessary to replace the belt unit.

Contact Us today if you're in Sydney and need a quote to fix these problems.

Service and sales of Brother printers

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One of the most common errors inkjet printers is Brother 4F - Unable To Print. This can be extremely frustrating when you need your machine to work.

This error affects the majority of Brother's inkjet printers. Unlike Error46, it is much more difficult to fix. However, I will list as many tips and hopefully, you can get back to normal with very little effort.

What you will learn from this post is

  • What does Brother Printer error 4F refer to?
  • What causes a fault in a print head?
  • How to fix error 4F

What does Brother Printer Error 4F mean?

Apart from the fact that your printer will give you a very robotically cryptic message, but not telling you the real problem, Error4F means that you won't be able to print.

Error 4F is a message about the printer head. It indicates that either your print head has an electrical fault, or it has a temperature problem.

There are some things you can do to fix it, but I don't want to be the one who brings down the printer.

What is a printhead?

The print head is located beneath the ink cartridges. In some printers, they are integrated into the cartridge. It has many chambers where the ink can be filled up. The print head is filled with ink and thousands of tiny nozzles spray ink droplets onto the page.

This is done by heating a small resister with electricity to push the droplets out. This printer error is caused by the fact that resisters aren't getting electricity to them or are heating too much.

What is the 4F fault?

The most common answer manufacturers give is that compatible or remanufactured printer inks have blocked the print head's nozzles. This could be true if you use low-quality, cheap inks (which I can't rule out), but it rarely is.