Knowing the P.Tech eligibility criteria is a must for a positive ASET assessment for you. It is because it will give you a clear idea of how eligible you are.

So, before we tell you about the P.Tech eligibility criteria for a positive ASET assessment, we want to you to read this.


Having Professional Technologist registration will take your career to the next level. P.Tech. (Eng.)/(Geo.) members can practice engineering or geoscience independently within a defined scope of practice and as per established codes and standards. When having this right, you may sign and stamp your own engineering or geoscience work.

To be eligible for P.Tech. (Geo.)/ (Eng.) registration, satisfy the following requirements:

·        You need to be a member of ASET with a good reputation.

·        You must be a graduate of a 2-year technical post-secondary program

·        You are required to have a minimum of 6 years of post-graduate technical engineering or geoscience experience, which includes a minimum of 2 years of experience under the supervision of an Alberta P.Geo. or P.Eng.

Application process:


·        You need to apply online and pay the necessary fees.

·        Staff will open the file to obtain a transcript/academic assessment from the C.E.T. application.


·        You have to upload a work experience spreadsheet.

·        You have to offer contact information for professional references.


You need to complete the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE)


·        Staff will review the experience spreadsheet and request extra information if necessary.

·        Subject expert reviewers will conduct an application pre-evaluation (3 to 4 weeks after submission).

·        APEGS/ASET Joint Board of Examiners will review the completed application and make the decision on registration (JBoE meetings happen quarterly).  


·        Decision letters will be sent to new members after three to four weeks of the board decision.

·        New P.Tech. Members can ask for digital or/and physical professional stamps.

·        A new P.Tech. member may order a new framed certification or/and member ring.

·        P.Tech. members must complete annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Additional/Revised Scope:

An existing P.Tech.(Eng.)/(Geo.) member who wishes to add a scope or review an existing scope of practice needs to apply again in full following the current application process, including references.

Scope changes are considered new scopes of practice, and they need to go through the same review process as new scopes of practice.

If you still have any confusion, hire an ASET competency report writing expert who is well familiar with the technical report guidelines and the ASET assessment criteria. Hiring an expert will help you apply for the P.Tech grade effectively.