Cosplay means you are dressed up as a fictional character belonging to any movie, TV series or novel. The word cosplay was created by combining two words costume and drama. Many people have started to play cosplay, which also makes them very popular. They are dressed so perfectly to attract the audience and win their hearts.Cosplay Costume

Role players are those who perfectly imitate these fictional characters. Now people all over the world are starting to play cosplay, and it is slowly and steadily becoming a trend. The San Diego Comic Con is one of the largest comic conventions and a great opportunity for role players to show their talents and skills to the world. They dress up as their favorite characters and are appreciated by others.

As of 2020, here are some of the most famous and popular role players that have attracted the attention of the world, and now some of the most popular roles.Scarlet Witch Costume


Alodia Gosiengfio is a Filipino model, actor, singer, TV presenter and role player who travels the world as a professional role player. She has participated in several animation conferences, and her role-playing has brought her many different opportunities and brand deals, including whitening products, Japanese sushi bars, clothing series and so on.Spiderman Costume

Her amazing role-playing art has also made her known as one of the sexiest Filipino women and one of the most influential Filipino women.