Trevor Lawrence has been considered to Mut 22 coins be the number one NFL draft prospect when he was still playing high school football. That hype translated to an National Championship at Clemson, an outstanding college career as well as the top choice in the 2022 NFL Draft...but not the most impressive Madden 22 score among rookies this year.

This distinction belongs to Atlanta Falcons rookie tightend Kyle Pitts. Pitts is in fact the most sought-after tight end in NFL history.

Pitts has been awarded the "unicorn" title , and is surely one of the top feared college athletes. His mix of length, size and speed, along with his leaping abilities and performance have made him one of one of the most sought-after.

The people responsible for the controversial Madden 22 ratings appeared to be on the same page.

A few players are not on buy Madden 22 coins this list. are the top 10 draft picks Penei Sewell (Detroit Lions) and Jaycee Horn (Carolina Panthers). Micah Parsons (Dallas Cowboys) is a notable omission. is noteworthy for his unique physical skills and general character.