Animal Crossing Bells  is about talking creatures living amongst every behaving in the exchange of products and services as any normal society does, a Nintendo exclusive game. Tiger King is a Netflix series about a convict who ran a display full of big cats through some legitimately dubious means. Why not combine the two?

Indeed, both are popular. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold extraordinarily in this period in isolation, and Tiger King has garnered a mad quantity of attention during the pandemic. While their audiences disagree, there is also probably overlap between the elderly players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and viewers of the series.

Okay, okay, the thought of Tiger King at Animal Crossing might be bizarre at first. The former involves violence, conviction, murder, and folks who probably definitely did not feed their husbands. The latter entails a innocent-looking villager interacting with innocent-looking animals living in an town with an quantity of debt to cover. Different in tone and motifs? Absolutely. But hear us out!

Here's the set up: A tiger named Joe (or even Carole) moves into Tampaville or your preferred town name. He has no issues when you talk to him. Although, with time, show and he begins to worry significant anxiety over Tom Nook that has treated him badly. That is Tom Nook's wheelhouse.

Does he have an sour attitude toward himbut the tiger's debt is much higher than that of Animal Crossing Items for sale  the other residents or yours.