Varrock offers culture (the Museum) and RuneScape Mobile gold also shopping ("The Grand Exchange"). The slums are all there once you get off the main road. Nyet. Lumbridge is nice looking, except for the goblin camps that are nearby. Though, despite the talk of a goblin invasion in Lumby, they seem to mind their own business if you don't start fighting with them.

Falador is a beautiful and well-maintained place. The so-called Falador Massacre is a distant memory. A feeling of safety is derived from being surrounded and secured. ), as well. It's not the place for miners who are dwarfs. Yes, there is the party room , but I haven't seen a party there .

Edgeville is a small town that offers life and big city excitement. The hamlet is quiet on a weekday, but on weekends, it's more crowded than Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Set up your picnic basket on the hill, sit down a seat and watch as the PvPers battle it. (You're secure as long as you're on the "civilized") side. However, I wouldn't be shocked to buy OSRS gold see undead creatures walking about a couple of feet from my bedroom window even if they were behind the winderness walls, it would scare me.