Fortnite is a game that does not need to be presented - it s a must-see from the game s scene for several years, and see it diversifying in the multimedia space seems to be a logical step. And given the slight increase in video games transformed into films (especially with the film Sonic: The Hedgehog), Epic Games could give Fortis a similar treatment.

Following the recent Trial of Epic against Apple, the company found some restrictions on how it can immerse themselves in the content of mobile games. To replace this loss, a report has emerged with a new entertainment division for the Fortnite brand, focusing on the scripted video content outside the video game space. Apparently, at the heart of some internal meetings, the idea of ​​a strong film has been discussed.

If a movie is really in preparation, we are clearly away from a complete exit. Given the number of links that Fortnite has with the film industry, they certainly have the necessary connections so that something like that happens - and any company willing to pursue Apple in court has the resources to do what it wants. Fortnite also used to publish many cinematics and videos for each new game season, updating the map to reflect the point of the plot on which they wanted players to focus. The game is always focused on a first game experience, but the world of narration is something in which they have already plunged.

And even if they do not go with traditional films, they clearly have something new in preparation. Maybe it could be something more episodic? As mentioned, Fortnite has a very real story with shorter videos - maybe they intend to look at something even more vast? It is not difficult to imagine content like this one flourish in something with a stronger sense of continuity and history.

SQUID GAME in Fortnite!

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