Each of the Cricut Maker as well as Cricut Explore Air 2 setups have great cutting capabilities. If you're a customer of one the Cricut models, then you are able to create a craft machine by going to cricut.com/setup and start cutting fabrics with this machine. The first thing to do is set up your account at cricut.com/setup. Following that, you will need install the Cricut Design Space at cricut.com/setup. After the setup process has been completed on cricut.com/setup, you will be able to follow the steps provided below.

  1. Before starting the process, be sure that you've got Cricut Design Space downloaded from cricut.com/setup

  2. Palace the mat with the fabric and make sure it's properly positioned upon the mat.

  3. Brayers can be used to smooth or flatten the fabric if it's not flat or smooth.

  4. Following that, you will need to insert the mat into the machine.

  5. You can make use of the water-soluble fabric pen to track the pieces you have used while making complex designs.

  6. It is also possible to load the pen in the machine and write anything you want with it.

  7. Check out the illustration of the design displayed in the display.

  8. Put the materials in the Cricut Design Space.

  9. Utilize cotton since it is very easy to cut.

  10. Select Go.

  11. Get rid of any debris that may be on the mat.

  12. Make use of a pair of broad-tipped tweezers in order to take away the mat's cuts.

  13. This is how you can swiftly cut fabric with your Cricut machine for cutting.

  14. To setup your Cricut You can go access to cricut.com/setup.