Nowadays everybody wants to make their Nashville Outdoor Living more "livable" and more like an outdoor room and extension of the living space inside the home. It's a great idea, and when it comes to furnishing that outdoor space, there is so much to choose from that it can be quite mind boggling.



Even if your Outdoor Living Space Design Nashville it not exposed to the weather, you might want to consider buying furniture that is weatherproof as it will last longer and offer more flexibility in the future if you decide to use an area that has little or no shelter from the elements.



Most people want to have some chairs and maybe a dining set for al fresco meals, plus accessories, rugs, cushions and plants to round out the picture and really create an outdoor room.



Most outdoor furniture is made out of aluminium or resin, and comes in a variety of colours and finishes, some of which are made to look like wood or wicker - the days of plastic furniture for outdoors are long gone as far more elegant, attractive and better wearing materials have taken their place.



Before settling on furniture, think of the colour that would be most appropriate - dark browns and greens tend to be most popular, but you can have white or black or various other colours that may work better for you, and then you can add cushions made with weatherproof fabrics to add the real colour and drama to the space.



Then, of course, there are the floor coverings. Just because it's an outdoor space doesn't mean that you can't have a fabulous rug on the floor - a fully weatherproof rug that is made specifically for outdoor use that is. The designs and colours are limitless, so whatever colour theme you have chosen, you will be able to find something fabulous to go on the floor and tie it all together.



And what about accessories? Perhaps some kind of heater, maybe a few nice planters, funky urns and even a water feature to provide that wonderful calming ambiance than the sound of running water does so well.



A fire pit or chiminea not only look great and help to heat an outdoor space, but the ambiance created from a fire cannot be beaten, especially when the evenings have started to get nippy. But a fire pit or chiminea are not just for heating and ambiance, as you can use them to toast the odd marshmallow too - talk about gathering around the camp fire!