Much of it is subjective, NOONE who has ever played Runescape in any of RuneScape gold its formats at any point along the way can ever really recreate that first thrill or flush of playing a brand new game or content they were looking forward to.

Everyone has their favorite game or stage of development. 07scape may be the one you prefer to play over the current version. Alot of people thought the same, & even though there are players playing on the servers, that 1st feeling of "OMG I am so sad to see this" wore out quickly for some cases due to the engine may be the old one, but the community & mentality of players has changed in a way that is irreparably.

Theres things they've lost or changed irrevocably with RS2 & EOC, but not without some good additions or improvements, personally i find 07's graphics depressing, however they were acceptable for the time. We all have to decide if we'd like to keep playing the games we love or prefer to see the game grow.

Hey everyone, I've got a funny story to tell you about my experience with a ban. People will laugh, while others might be embarrassed. I got a 24 hour ban for botting on the previous day. I was really angry about it, despite the fact that I didn’t do anything wrong. I was banned because I boated. I don't know how to bot lmao. It was only a one-day event, so I went back to my work.

I woke up the following morning to find my bank completely ruined. JAGEX actually took many of mine as punishment... an incredible amount. I was angry however it was the best I could do. I suppose I have a lot to do...but the third thing they did, and it was probably the most annoying aspect for me, was to rearrange my entire bank account and make it unaccessible. OCD kicked in...they don't even know the time it took me to OSRS buy gold set everything up.