We do not have advice on NBA 2K20 MT Coins exactly how the badges operate, but still, let us say if I were to give him a golden deadeye because CJ is elite at contested mid sized shots. Unlike he's IRL, he would currently ALSO be elite out of contested threes. Then if I didn't give him the deadeye badge because he is doesn't shoot a good percentage on contested threes, he would also take a huge hit contested mid-range shots when he's elite from that point. This is not acceptable for what is supposed to be an NBA simulation in 2019 and all this information is publicly accessible on nba.com

For another instance, Marc Gasol made ZERO contested or pull up threes a year but took 37 percent on open threes, now as a baseline he is going to get the exact same contested/pull-up shooting ability from 3 as most players. This is the overall purpose although I could provide hundreds of examples. It is impossible to replicate the massive variance in gamers' shooting abilities without these evaluations, and this is supposed to become an NBA SIM, and of course, this would be quite easy to return, given these evaluations have been in NBA 2K for ages.

As in 2K19, when you receive made a newcomer, you can't get the complete pregame start presentation with your name called. In 2K29, I believe there was dialog about how large a second that was. In 2K20, that nevertheless isn't here. I imagine this can't be changed because you'd require the stadium announcer to have prerecorded names, but this is a bummer for me personally in 2K19 and still kinda hurts. We need that Bulls minute. Not sure if I could submit two in 1 comment. Where do I emphasize the text size on MyCareer suggestion that is online? That is completely ridiculous and should be an easy fix, it is crazy for me that went out like that.

The AI is constantly set to Smother Off-Ball Pressure my defenders are literally hanging off my arm like a clingy date. This also makes getting open for shots nearly impossible and leaves driving for layups way. I am a Playmaking Sharpshooter I don't have any business being a Slasher but that's what MyPlayer has become since it is unbelievably easy to cut beyond defenders and set up 40 points in one game in the paint. Yet scoring from outside is possible on fastbreaks cause defenders NEVER sag you off Buy MT 2K20.