It's becoming more normal for players to play on the stage, and play for virtual currencies in this kind of NBA 2K22 MT competition. The MyCourt isn't designed with a clear purpose. The idea of the MyCourt being used by Pro-Am teams to practice and relaxing is appealing to me. Pro-Am has been a significant aspect of 2K, but its importance has increased due to the growth of eSports. MyCourt might be a place for teams to play games and talk about chemistry issues.

Player Creation Menu - The creation menus for MyPlayers are pretty limited. There are only a handful of choices available for skin color, eye shape or lips. I'd like to get more options in the creation suite. I would like my character to be unique as opposed to the other players. Female MyPlayers – The WNBA made it into NBA 2K last season, and it was successful. It was refreshing to play against completely different teams. The positive results of the WNBA is the basis for my next suggestion.

There is a possibility to create women's MyPlayer who has their own distinct Career mode tale. 2K Sports could write a tale in which a female basketball player makes it into the WNBA. It would be much more interesting if there was another MyCareer story to tell. 2K Sports could refine their storytelling with this model. 2K Sports are often a little uncoordinated with their games' story and the main themes. A WNBA story could explore a variety of Buy 2K22 MT concepts without being smug or preachy.