Donohue talks about the benefits of a league run by the NBA office in regards to recruiting partners. "The advantage of having the NBA 2K brand, is that we've established amazing relations with a number of this partners, and we can help them and guide them through eSports. We can assist them in understanding the best ways to utilize eSports to 2K22 MT increase the visibility of their brands."

Another benefit for businesses that which the NBA 2K League has, is that it is a game that's well-known. Donohue highlights that esports can sometimes be difficult for consumers. "While our games aren't easy to watch, you won't have to play to get to the game. If you know basketball and basketball, you'll know what it is."

It's also not uncommon to find advertisements in the game. "It's entirely normal to sit and watch the basketball game and notice courtside signs and brands integrated into the experience like this, it'd be more unusual not to observe that." As Donohue points out, it allows partners "to become a part of the game's virtual reality."

With a devoted fan base, with Buy NBA 2K22 MT a passionate fan-base, the NBA 2K League has established itself as a viable, successful product. Donohue states that "we feel like...we're just scratching the surface." He also points out the vast potential pool of 1.9 billion NBA 2K League supporters on social media.