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In 2018, reports of sexual harassment began to emerge within the headquarters of ubisoft , but unfortunately, the case passed mostly unnoticed. The involved claim to have done all the corresponding procedures for this type of situations, but years later, the French company did nothing about it, thus forcing the victims to have no other than renounce.

In the middle of this year another of these cases emerged, but this occasion, was at Ubisoft Singapore . This aroused many alerts between different personalities of the environment, who started questioning exactly what was happening within ubisoft . Given this, the company issued a statement ensuring that they had already hired new experts on the subject, besides that they had recruited an external firm, Relais Expert Conseil, to review and work workers complaints. Well, it seems that this really did not have a lot of impact.

Several of these workers, who preferred to stay anonymous, reported kotaku that despite all these commitments, ubisoft continues to ignore and overlook many of the current complaints. Here a couple of testimonies.

I testify directly on a case that one of my co-workers had already reported previously, and I never heard from him again, they did not write to me, or anything.

I was fetishized by my race. Not only did they arrive late for my appointment, but they never gave the right tracking to my case.

Other workers also report cases of discriminatory salaries, unjust promotions, and as with previous reports, ensure that the administration of ubisoft is not doing anything about it.

Editor s note: Just like with Activision Blizzard , I want to believe that it is a matter of time for the Leaders of Ubisoft to start taking letters in the matter. Otherwise, the situation will only close much more and the publisher will have a disaster in hand.

Via: Kotaku

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