The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is prone to problems such as inaccurate flower alignment, twisted screens, broken screens, or often lost heads, damage to the rubber blanket, dry cloth or color, tangling, and failure of the feeding system. Occurred, for this reason, maintenance and upkeep must be strengthened.

  1. Correct operation and maintenance
  2. When you go online, you must check whether the chuck, knife holder, and magnetic bar are normal or damaged.
  3. After going online, you must check whether the magnetic force, magnetic cutting and gas path are normal. Is the movement of the nickel mesh uniform?

  4. Before starting the machine, check the tightness of the rubber blanket to avoid over-tightening, deflection, etc.
  5. The nickel mesh is severely twisted during the movement, which is easy to damage the mesh or damage the equipment; it should be checked in time whether the bulkhead is correct, whether the chuck is damaged, whether it is assembled in place, etc.
  6. Check whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal phenomenon after the start-up movement is started. If problems are found, it should be shut down in time.
  7. During the operation, try to avoid the slurry feeding system and the ends of the nickel mesh overflow, otherwise it will damage the electrical and equipment.
  8. When dealing with problems on the nickel mesh during operation, try to avoid standing on the machine's mesh frame, and it is not allowed to stand on the machine table, otherwise it will cause mechanical deformation, damage, and failure.
  9. Frequently check whether there are hard objects, foreign objects, dirt or dry rubber in the adhesive tape of the applicator roller. Check whether the magnetic rod and the rubber roller are damaged to avoid damage to the rubber blanket.
  10. The shutdown time is a little longer, and all magnetic fields must be eliminated in time to avoid the heat of the magnetic bar contacting the rubber blanket for a long time and scalding. For the magnetic bar with adhesive tape, the adhesive tape can be prevented from sticking to the rubber blanket, and the baking of the magnetic field can damage the rubber blanket.
  11. The contact between the wiper blade and the rubber blanket should not be too tight to avoid water stop and dry scraping. Remove the scraper from the rubber felt in time after stopping.
  12. The chuck should be lubricated properly after running for a certain period of time to avoid damage to the nickel mesh and mechanical parts.
  13. Prevent excessive slurry from entering the nylon guide belt during the movement, so as not to damage the machine parts and produce a large number of defective cloths.
  14. To avoid problems when stepping on the machine to step on the electrical cabinet.
  15. Special care should be taken when installing and removing the blade holder of the blade printing paste method to prevent damage to the rubber blanket.
  16. Several tasks should be done after shutdown
  17. After the knife holder, magnetic bar and chuck are removed, they must be rinsed from the inside to the outside and stored properly.
  18. The adhesive tape device must be pulled out of the machine and rinsed to avoid damage to the rubber blanket.
  19. After shutdown, air must be transported for a certain period of time to rinse the slurry on the guide belt to avoid damage to the rubber blanket.
  20. After stopping, pull the wiper out of the machine, you can check and remove the debris or damage of the scraper, and at the same time, you can avoid damage to the rubber blanket due to mechanical misoperation.
  21. After the machine is shut down, the remaining pulp of the pulping system must be washed in time to avoid corrosion, blockage and damage to the equipment.
  22. When the machine is shut down for too long for any reason, the machine must be idling for a few minutes to avoid unexpected failures.
  23. The machine and environmental hygiene must be done after shutdown.

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