Node.js is completely different from other JavaScript frameworks, as it is the first to support JavaScript on both client and server-side and offers some advantages for the backend development process.

An open-source platform, the Node.js framework is lightweight and efficient in comparison with other JavaScript frameworks. Many Node.js development services company offer to create and support web applications. Such as LinkedIn, NASA, and Uber enterprises use Node.js as their web application.


What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source framework with event-driven JavaScript runtime created on Chrome’s V8 engine that is used for developing scalable server-side back-end APIs and web app development. It is a single-threaded runtime environment follow. It provides speed in client-server communication and data processing. Node.js helps developers to share code and reuse it for both the frontend and backend side of the web application.


Why use Node.js for backend development?

For web development, a backend is the most important part and that’s why developers utilize the best solution and technology to work smoothly.


  • Node.js is work in a real-time framework and can manage various amounts of information. It enables the collection and visualizes data to be presented as dashboards.

  • As a backend Node.js framework is comprehensive as it offers many features that can not be provided by any other event-based platforms.

  • Node.js is fast and saves data in native JSON. That can help to quickly run data in the backend.

  • Node.js has the largest community of experts and developers with high-level data streaming. Node.js can also be used for software for multiple platforms.

  • Node.js can perform a synchronous task as it is non-blocking and support async functionality. This help to speed up the service activities due to the processes are managed in a single thread rather than lining up.

  • Node.js offers scalable, real-time, and high-performing web app development.

  • Node.js is simple and easy to learn and can help to reduce development costs when hiring a Node.js development company.


Bottom line

Node.js is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks that develop high-performance scalable web applications that offer single-threaded, non-blocking, real-time applications. As backend development developers get a vast field to become a full stack development provider.