I attended the show in Ul adventure guild for WOW Classic TBC Gold the first 20 minutes of this game. It enthralled me even though it's the program that bards held one month after, but it was awe-inspiring. Also, Gridania hosted a random queen show where three bards played songs by Queen over the course of an hour.

This is certainly something FFXIV excels in. If I'm not doing something particular in the game but also don't want to exit the game right away while eating dinner prior to going back into the queue, then I'll pop onto Limsa just because there's always something going on.

One of my very fond memories from the beginning was playing with a few irl friends and then getting together with a couple of other players who played in the game. Then we went to Costa del Sol and sat at the beach watching the sun rise, while telling stories and making long jokes. While technically, we weren't playing anything nevertheless, it was entertaining and it resonated. It's rare to find any game that has this.

After my fun session today I went to buy TBC Classic Gold Limsa as usual. I was pampered by a person due to the fact that I'm so short. They also complimented my tank outfit. We had a dance party for a bit before we parted ways. This is a common thing in the game.