The spline shaft is a kind of mechanical transmission. The flat key, half-circle key, and oblique key have the same function to transmit mechanical torque. There are longitudinal keyways on the surface of the shaft, and the rotating parts on the shaft also have corresponding keyways to keep Rotate synchronously with the axis. While rotating, some can also slide longitudinally on the shaft, such as gearbox shift gears.

  1. Function: It is a kind of mechanical transmission, and the flat key, half-circle key and oblique key have the same functions, all of which transmit mechanical torque.
  2. Structure: There is a longitudinal keyway on the outer surface of the shaft, and the rotating part sleeved on the shaft also has a corresponding keyway, which can maintain synchronous rotation with the shaft. While rotating, some can also slide longitudinally on the shaft, such as gearbox shift gears.
  3. Application examples: in brakes and steering mechanisms. There is also a telescopic shaft, which is composed of inner and outer tubes, the outer tube has internal teeth, and the inner tube has external teeth, which are sleeved together. When in use, it can extend and contract in the length direction while transmitting the rotating torque.
  4. Material: 40Cr.
  5. Heat treatment.

Spline shafts are divided into rectangular spline shafts and involute spline shafts. Rectangular spline shafts in spline shafts are widely used, while involute spline shafts are used for larger loads and require high centering accuracy. And larger connections. Rectangular spline shafts are usually used in aircraft, automobiles, tractors, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery and general mechanical transmission and other devices. Because the rectangular spline shaft works with multiple teeth, it has the high load-bearing capacity, good neutrality and good guiding performance, and its shallow tooth root can reduce the stress concentration. In addition, the strength of the shaft and hub of the spline shaft is weakened, and the processing is more convenient. The grinding method can obtain higher precision. Involute spline shafts are used for connections with large loads, high centering accuracy requirements, and large dimensions. Its characteristics: the tooth profile is involute, and there is a radial force on the teeth when loaded, which can play a self-centering function, so that each tooth is uniformly stressed, has high strength and long life, the processing technology is the same as that of the gear, and it is easy to obtain higher precision And interchangeability.

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