The Browns will also be going into this game with Madden nfl 22 coins a quarterback who's struggling to get his precision. Baker Mayfield, who completed 90.5 percent of his passes during Week 2 against the Texans but has lost the ability to throw the ball. Mayfield has completed 53.1% of his passes over the last two weeks, throwing 30 incompletions (34 out of 64). I believe 29 of those 30 missed throws were made in the direction of Odell Brookham's head in the game against Minnesota.

If you were watching the Chiefs game in Week 4, you may be surprised to see that they didn't play a single punt. As a matter of fact that, the Chiefs victory over Philadelphia was the only occasion in NFL history that a game concluded with two teams combining for ZERO punts.

The main reason I bring it up is that the Chiefs punter could be interested in going ahead and deciding to take a day off buy Mut 22 coins this week. In addition, Bills punter Matt Haack might also want to think about taking the day off. There won't be many punts made Sunday night, considering that this game is a battle between two of the top-scoring NFL teams. The Chiefs and Bills have recorded 33.5 points per match this year and is tied for second place in the league.