Both POE Currency  and Path of Exile two will discuss endgame and the same customer. This means that interact with the endgame system, and players can choose to complete the campaigns of either game. While this sounds confusing initially, it means that not only players from both games may play together, in addition, it means that the years of work that went into creating Path of Exile's mapping system so fantastic will not go to waste. The hundreds of dungeon layouts, dozens of modifiers, deep modification systems, thousands of items to collect, and optional unwanted content will be carried over to Path of Exile 2. Both games will benefit meaning PoE 2 will start as feature-rich as its brother.

The current skill system requires players to socket stone in their weapons and armor, allowing them the ability to a keybind they set. This system allows for almost any class to use any skill, and skills can be supported by gems and modify what they do. The problem with this system is it's confusing for new gamers and discourages upgrading items. In Path of Exile two, these stone sockets and connections are tied into the ability themselves, so players may spend less time crafting links and sockets on new equipment and instead spend time fighting monsters. Leveling will be considerably easier with this system, and in addition, it grants more gems to use, which means that you may use more skills and abilities than what is presently possible.

Reasons Path Of Exile 2 Is Going To Be Better Than Diablo 4

Soon after Blizzard announced Diablo 4 into the world Grinding Gear Games showed the world POE orbs 2. Fever pitch has been hit by excitement for both titles, and most are wondering what game to devote their precious time on. Path of Exile favors enormous character depth and deep personalization, while Diablo is much more about visceral combat and excellent worldbuilding.