It's important to note that, contrary to popular belief, the factions in New World don't provide many distinct gameplay advantages to their members. When it comes to selecting the faction that will make your character the strongest possible, you can rest assured that your choice of faction will have little impact on your overall power level (at least not directly, but more on that in a minute.)




Nonetheless, it's important to remember that each faction's vendor has a unique selection of items for sale, so be sure to browse through their offerings. The fact that they have such different visual designs, even though all of those items have essentially the same long-term power levels, means that you may ultimately choose to side with the faction that has the most visually appealing set of endgame armor (if you're into that sort of thing, of course), regardless of their long-term power levels.

Aside from emphasizing your faction's primary color (orange/yellow for the Covenant; green for the Marauders; and purple for the Syndicate), each faction's distinctive sets of armor also stylistically represents the goals and lore of the faction to which you belong. While the Marauder class wears heavy plate armor and looks like it came straight out of a medieval fantasy novel, Covenant armor is made of cloth and will make you look like a plague doctor by the end of the game. A series of objectives and quests are also available from each faction through the job board system, though there does not appear to be much variation between the objectives and quests at this time, as the vast majority of them are variations on gathering missions and PvP goals.

When competing against other players in a PvP battle, Cheap New World Coins For Sale is unquestionably preferable to be a member of the most powerful faction in order to win the battle. Because of this, it is possible that there will always be more faction members available to assist you in your conquest and defense of territories, but it also implies that participating in a game while in a territory controlled by your faction will result in additional rewards for you and your faction, respectively. You will almost certainly be killed a lot more frequently if you choose to play in an area controlled by a different faction, aside from the fact that you will have to pay higher service taxes.

In New World, we would be lying if we said that the most effective faction is the one that best meets your requirements. But the truth is that, rather than focusing on which faction is the best, it is more important to consider which faction is most popular and which faction your friends want to join, rather than which faction you want to join. A more straightforward way to put it is this: The faction with the greatest number of members on a particular server has the greatest chance of becoming the most dominant faction on that server. However, it is currently unclear how those underdog mechanics will function. There has been some speculation about the existence of underdog mechanics that will aid the second and third most popular factions on a server in regaining territory, but it is currently unclear how they will function.

There is no official way to find out which faction is the most popular on your server prior to making a decision on which one to join. Although an unofficial method of obtaining this information will be discussed later on, we will go over it in greater detail later on. It does not prevent players from determining which faction is the most popular by keeping an eye out for how many members of each faction are running around the map and which factions are currently controlling which territories, despite the fact that this appears to be an intentional design decision intended to discourage players from immediately joining the most popular faction.