Yes-given that concrete Nashville Retaining Wall Contractor can be textured in a variety of different styles and colors. Think beyond a plain drab gray concrete wall. With the right lighting, you can enhance the texture or color of the wall as well as the beauty of the landscape foliage. And lighting can be a perfect finishing touch!



Types of retaining wall lighting



One way is by installing flood lights that point upward toward a tree, shrubs, or other large plants.Retaining Wall Contractor Nashville The shadow cast by the tree or shrubs lays a silhouetted shadow against the background of the wall.



Another method of retaining wall lighting is called "grazing." With this method, the lighting is placed about 6 to twelve inches out from the base of the wall and pointed up at an angle. Grazing is the best method for bringing out the beauty of a textured or colored concrete landscape wall.



Reasons to add retaining wall lighting



Still not sure if you want to add lighting? Besides enhancing the beauty of the landscaping or the wall, there are other good reasons to add light:



Lighting improves safety. Retaining walls may be built near a garden path, or at the edge of the lawn. Either way, lighting at night makes the yard and garden safer to walk through at night, whether you're moving a sprinkler or playing catch with your dog. Even if you know your way around your yard pretty well, your friends may not, and risk tripping on small plants or landscape rocks.



Lighting is economical. You can usually purchase a four pack of lights for less than two-hundred dollars. And there are a variety of styles to choose from.



Lighting provides mood and atmosphere. More than enhancing the beauty of your landscape, some people feel that outdoor mood lighting is more romantic than an unlit yard. Soft lights on the wall and surrounding foliage also creates a peaceful, serene setting.



Lighting improves safety and atmosphere in both residential and commercial settings. Many landscape retaining walls are built on commercial property where safety features are especially important.



Lighting is safe and easy to install. Along with all the reasons above to add retaining wall lighting, the fact that theyare so safe and easy to install makes the decision to add light even easier.Plan ahead for how much lighting you need.


When you plan your landscape retaining wall, be sure to lay each light section at the best distance from each other. Too much lighting will distract from the rest of the landscape. Not enough will create an uneven visual effect.



Remember, the purposes of the lighting are primarily safety and beauty. Too much light will make the area safe, but distracting. Too little can be just as distracting and make the area unsafe at night.



Whether you are starting a new landscape project from scratch, or improving on an existing yard or garden, retaining wall lighting is an easy and affordable way to enhance almost any landscape.



Eric Wassmer is the manager and construction supervisor for John Wassmer Construction, Inc. For nearly thirty years, he and his brother, John, have been a leader in Oregon and Washington in the construction of residential foundations and retaining walls.