We introduce badge magnets to you. The following are some of the advantages of badge magnets. I believe you will need it.

End the tattered clothes – pierce your finger

Have you ever tied a good shirt or jacket that is cheaper than a cold drink on a safety pin name tag? you're not alone. One of the biggest complaints about traditional name tags (whether they use safety pins or metal buckles) is their damage to clothing.

Sometimes clothes are not the only thing damaged. Think of those times when a safety pin badge used to pierce a finger, or worse, when a conference delegate tried to put on the name tag just handed to them, he pierced their finger.

Fortunately, there is another option that does not cause damage at all-badge magnets.

How they work

Most badge magnets are made of plastic or steel

They have a metal back with two round rare earth magnets attached to it

These magnets are attached to the circular recesses on the back of the magnets, which are located inside the shirt or jacket

When the magnet locks the badge and back panel together, you will have a firmly placed name tag without damaging your clothes.

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