Yesterday, a friend of mine complained to me that her antivirus was not working after she removed Avast Antivirus (Control Panel Add/ Remove Programs). She tried downloading Avast Uninstall Utility but had no luck. Finally, I was able to help her uninstall Avast completely without having to send it to the repair shop. Follow my steps and you will be successful!

Uninstall Avast Antivirus via Windows Add/Remove Programs

To begin with, I reinstalled Avast Antivirus to allow me to uninstall Avast using Windows Add/ Remove Programs.

  1. Reboot your computer by pressing the F8 Key
  2. Select Safe Mode using Arrow keys, and then hit the Enter key
  3. Click on the Start menu, then Control Panel
  4. Double-click Add/Remove Programs to navigate Avast
  5. To uninstall it, click "Remove".

After uninstalling Avast, I was still able to see the Alwal folder. I was unable to add/remove programs so I had to edit and remove its registry entries. It's possible that I don't know the location of its registry entries or which registry entries belong to Avast. It would cause her more problems if I deleted registry entries from other programs. avast cancel auto renew So I looked for uninstalling programs and compared their capabilities. We finally decided to uninstall Avast using Perfect Uninstaller. It can force Avast to be removed.

Force Uninstall Avast Internet Security Software with Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller will forcefully uninstall corrupted or partially-uninstalled programs that Windows Add/ Remove Programs cannot. It can also backup and restore your registry before uninstalling. This greatly reduces the chance of causing damage to your system registry. The powerful scanner can detect and delete all files associated with the program, saving us a lot of time and effort.

My friend finally uninstalled Avast and installed her antivirus. Even more funny was the fact that she also uninstalled other programs Control Panel had not completely removed before.

System vulnerabilities are increasing as time passes. The more you dig into the internet, the more malicious entities will be able to get into your device. There are many problems, but there is one solution: a powerful antivirus installed on your device. It is the only way to prevent your system from being infected by unwanted programs. It's also an excellent way to ensure your system is in top working order.

Antivirus is a sophisticated program that detects suspicious files and other malware and protects users from the negative effects of malware. It is also known as anti-malware software. It protects your PC, Android, IOS, and other devices against malicious activities.

With different antivirus brands, launching new versions and functionalities of antivirus applications; AVG Antivirus Support number's main purpose is to protect the computer and mobile device from malicious browser helper objects, browser hackers and ransomware as well as prevent users from running into Trojan horses, rootkits, footwear, and spyware.

Antivirus software applications branded by Microsoft provide complete protection against malicious or suspicious actions carried out via infected URLs. Antivirus products are built on the principle of a mechanism and a script to ensure their proper functionality.

Antivirus products are designed based on a mechanism and a script to ensure that it functions properly. Sometimes, however, these scripts may stop working or the antivirus application disconnects from the server. Other technical or general problems can also occur with antivirus products. This makes the device vulnerable to virus attacks from malicious files.

Antivirus users face a variety of technical problems

Installation and uninstallation questions

Files from corrupt setup

Unable to update virus descriptions

An error occurred during scanning of the PC, Android, or IOS device. Invalid product key issues

Renew your antivirus product

Upgrade your antivirus engine to the latest version

For technical issues, most branded products offer an antivirus tech support number that allows users to easily contact the technical support staff. Antivirus users cannot get the proper support they need quickly due to the long waiting lists for technical assistance.

Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number connects users with antivirus companies via an online service provider. It connects the user with a certified antivirus support specialist for a specific brand and discusses the issue/issues. The number of antivirus support can be used to quickly get quality solutions from the brand's technical support team.