Now there are many good action movies on Dogesflix. To help you find the best movie for you tonight, we have listed the best action movie news on Dogesflix.

The point is that we ordinary people will never take too much action. We'll never climb the tower, and the traffic we see every day doesn't have room to chase high-end cars. So, movie! We have all the actions, stunts and fighting scenes we can imagine in the film. In short, action movies (like fantasy movies) are the highest form of escapism. If you're an action lover, you're in the right place. Today, we will discuss top action movie news.

With the emergence of online streaming services such as Dogesflix and Amazon Prime, movie lovers can now watch almost every movie in a comfortable home. With a large collection of thriller movies, Amazon Prime is at the forefront of other websites. So, take popcorn and get ready to spend two hours sitting next to your seat. Here are the really excellent action movie news on Amazon Prime we recommend for you and your friends.

Patriot Games (1992)

John Krasinski is the latest role of Jack Ryan, an analyst of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who is served by Tom Clancy. Before him, Harrison Ford played the role several times. The story background of "patriot game" is the 1990 film "looking for Red October". In this film, Jack Ryan has completed his duties in the CIA and is now enjoying his retirement in London. But life is not easy for Ryan. He witnessed the terrorist act of the IRA, successfully stopped it and killed a criminal in the process. When another attacker, the brother of the man Ryan killed, was arrested, the case seemed to be over. But the man ran away and vowed to take revenge on Ryan.

Good time (2017)

Connie and his brother robbed the bank, but at the critical moment, they were arrested by the police. Connie managed to escape when Nick was arrested. Feeling guilty for getting his brother into trouble, Connie tried to find a way to save him. His despair led him deeper into the world of crime. He tried to keep his reason and try to find a way to save his brother and himself. As one of the most underrated films of the year, good time is another example of Robert Pattinson showing how incredible he is. More people need to see the film.

Jingwu gate (1972)

It's hard to imagine someone replacing Bruce Lee. His action scene reached another level, and he proved that his skills were unparalleled early in his career. In his second feature film, he plays Chen Zhen who goes home to get married, but he is very sad after receiving the news of his mentor's death. He was challenged by Japanese soldiers, who laughed at and insulted him and his dead mentor, and challenged him to test his courage. The next fighting scene is incredible. You may even need to slow down, because Bruce Lee is so fast.