It ought to be easier to perform a windmill (or reverse layup) or 360 (layup or dip ) the higher the score, and what dunk (or layup) you want to perform shouldn't be based on animations, but what you do NBA 2K MT with all the sticks, left stick determines spin/direction, and right stick decides what you do with the ball in your palms. The sticks should be also followed by blocks, left rod is leap direction and right stick. Pressing on square will provide you a normal dunk or layup and pressing triangle will force you to go up on a block. Dribbling should also follow the sticks. Also, hard contact and hits should lead to a very small probability of harm with a participant's durability being a factor.

People could have some use for heat and base check sets after like minutes drop, if you were able to add a MyTeam Limited mode in addition to Unlimited. The restricted mode would be where you are able to go 12-0 or whatever to earn an infinite mode player (also use in TTO). This not only helps balance out NBA 2K but let us people find excellent value in foundation sets and warmth check (possibly heat check cards get more regular fosters, limit the amount per group?) Also it would make for a enjoyable atmosphere in unlimited without needing to sweat over it like a ASTU where people can use their high end cards. I use to be a QA for 2K and helped out at the VC studio beneath Ben Bishop at 2017. Robbie and some of the MT guys liked some of my thoughts so maybe they would prefer this one too. Hope all is well guys, keep the great work up!

Coach Challenges should really have a goal, at least in offline modes. Unless it's a shooting foul, in which case they are always effective for some reason, as it's today, from my experience, challenges are unsuccessful every time. NBA referees in life aren't perfect, they may be the best in the business but they don't get 100% of the calls right. The in-game referees should find a little percentage (like 5%) of their calls incorrect so you can actually challenge a call and be right. Players should not have the ability to challenge calls after looking at replay. For example, you believe it did not go out of bounds and if the ball was called out of bounds, you should not have the ability to look at the replay to make sure prior to challenging. Trainers don't have this privilege in life, so neither should you. They should disable the moment to the challenge option you enter the immediate replay.

Casual park and rated matchmaking"Casual Park" - No rep, no listing only casual games that would provide you vc and progress into your participant, if you would like to have high rep go and earn it in the"Ranked matchmaking" - could be someplace in the park, how it could work would be- You move in, you pick your gamemode (1s,2s,3s) and then you choose if you want to play solo, then fill a squad, or even as a squad (solo vs solo fill versus fill squad vs group ). Games would be based on the avg rep of your team meaning - ace 1, pro 2 and expert 3 could play someone around pro 2 avg (maximally 1-2 ranks up and down). This could create NBA 2K competitive even for worse gamers, stop people from running away from streamers and matches and pursuing the rookie parks will be watched more because they'd have to play people who are basically as good as these.

I had been going to keep going till I got Harden. If I buy the gamers I need for challenges I can resell them and make a profit from these 22, I reckon. Any players at the auction house which you recommend I get with all the I make? If you've got the willpower to choose harden do it, and you are going to get some players you can definitely use along the way and MT to Buy 2K MT spend on the opposing side. Until you done the challenges if you do so, you might as well keep saving your MT.