It has been reported to me that OSRS GP 77% of players have skillcapes today. I have decided to craft one. i've noticed something else, as well. The majority of combat skills are at 99 or more to ensure greater accuracy, a higher hitting rate and a longer combat time. Well it is true that the actual "skills" (not quests) are simpler, and you get more xp for doing a task in these abilities. Let me conclude: What is the point of woodcutting, firemaking and fletching? In truth, not enough people possess these skillscapes. The chart of rarity is as follows (1-10 for rarity, 1 being the rarest and 10 being the most commonthe most rare]).

Okay, tell me if I forgot the skill. Don't ignore the interest. This is an analysis of my skillcape watch data for one month. Each time I saw a skill cape, I recorded it and wrote it down. Thank you GotWater I had the impression I had missed one.

Also, I've got a few concerns. I am currently using the longrange method since I am at a low defense level. Do you think this is a good method to train? Or should I separate the two?

I'm trying to make range my primary combat ability (getting fight levels starting at the range level). At the moment I have 4 levels of range before I attain combat level. I was also going to attempt Dragon Slayer to become a fighter again. The main issue I have is that my hitpoints are increasing. I'm losing combat levels within my clan because of my range not reaching combat levels. There is a solution.

What is the best time to abandon iron arrows? I own a 44 range. I am using an yew-shorter, using iron bullets. All my "buddies," however, suggest that I use steel-addy, or even steel-addy. I don't have the ability to fly iron arrows yet.

Ancient learned this... I wouldn't old school runescape buy gold fire from far distances. It is better to utilize quick or precise firing. Rapid is what I prefer. Well, dragon slayer is all up to you. Would you think about returning to being a warrior? Are hitpoints considered to be a warrior thing? It was my understanding that hitpoints are 'nuetral' which means that they do not refer to "warrior", "range", or'mage.