The game is fascinating to Mut 22 coins me, because I think it's the only game scheduled this week where both head coaches would prefer to play a different quarterback other than the one they're starting. Drew Lock may be playing in Denver on Sunday, since Teddy Bridgewater sustained a concussion. In the end, the Broncos will be playing with a beaten up Bridgewater or a quarterback in Lock who led the Broncos to exactly zero points during the entire period against the Ravens.

Normally, I'd say that favors the Steelers However, their quarterback situation isn't great right now. It's true that Mike Tomlin practically begged Aaron Rodgers to play for Pittsburgh Sunday.

That's like going out with your spouse to mmoexp madden nfl 22 coins dinner and then asking the waitress out for a date after she's dropped off the check. Ben is on the SIDELINE with Mike, he's watching the look you give Aaron his Google eyes.