Hi! I'm one of those who must know what's going on OSRS Gold around their area. It's not people's business I'm not a snooper however, I do know how things work. In the past, I've been selling willow longbows (u) and then fletching the willow longbows to general stores as no one will purchase them at the price of 83gp for a pound. I earn 16gp for each willowlong (u), while the store sells it to me for 64gp ea. What is the general shop's work? Can it be able to be sold for four times the price it was originally paid?

However, I noticed in certain fan sites that they list items with similar low alch income that are sold to the general shop. However, this isn't applicable to the willow long (u). If you lower alch them, they will cost 64 Gp per ounce, but only 16 gp per ounce when you sell it to the general store the STORE will sell them at 64 gp per ea. I was wondering if there was an equation that could work for all items in general store, or if there an exception to specific items.

This got me thinking, so I searched the databases of a variety of websites. It said it would cost no gp to purchase an Armadyl Godsword bought from the general shops. Is that true? Bows are common items that adhere to the "multiply with 4" rule. They are sold for 1 gp after which they sell it again for 4 Gp.

Please explain the rules or some other rule that's common for all items so that I can put my mind at ease or perhaps I might start selling all my stuff to the general market and buying them again...

Okay, now I need your help with the treasure trail. It takes a while to finish. The issue today is ...(drumroll )...I cannot access the scroll in the same way that I did in the past. However, what I trying to Buy RuneScape Gold communicate is that they aren't dropping them anymore. Even when I attempt to alter the lvl of my clue scroll, it does not work. I dont have one in the inventory nor in my bank account.