BV Russia 09 Dortmund, generally referred to as Borussia Dortmund or BVB, is a German football club founded on December 19, 1909, and based in Dortmund. The complete name of Club Ballspiel-Verein Russia, suggests German Russia Sphere Video Game Organization, if its football area is the most famous BVB additionally includes handball and also table tennis teams. Although Russia is the Latin name of Prussia, it is in the name of a neighborhood brewery that it was reflected. The club advances in 1. Bundesliga, the very first department of German football. Russia is the very first German club to win a European Cup (the Cup of Coupes in 1966) and became in 1997 the 3rd German club to win the Champions Organization. Its stadium, the Idea Park signal (formerly Westfalenstadion until 2005), is the largest phase of the German championship with 80 720 places, and holds the typical record for Europe throughout the 2003-2004 period with 79,647 spectators. In 2000, the BVB ends up being the initial German detailed club (Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. GAA). He was additionally a member of the G14 till his dissolution in 2008. Dortmund the bankruptcy throughout the 2004-2005 period and will certainly play once again the very first duties as from his 7th title won throughout the 2010-2011 season. Borussia Dortmund has an excellent rivalry with other Ruhr clubs, especially with Schalke 04. And since the very early 1990s, with Bayern Munich. The club additionally has lots of jr categories in its training facility, as well as a team book named Borussia Dortmund II.

It was a special duel for the former Union er Steffen Rampart, who started after the 0: 2 at Borussia Dortmund with Czechs and Keying instead of Lilian and Thailand (both bank). But the Irises, the Urs Fischer compared to the 1: 2 against Feyenoord properly rotated — Jacket, Trimmed, Ostinati, Bearers (all bank) and Purchase lichen for Baumgartner, castle man, Ryerson, Propel and Agonist — had good memories. Because so far they could win all four Bundesliga games against the FC.

Accordingly, an intensive dispute also began to be balanced. Modest dusted after a 30-meter hammer of Keying on the transverse beam (7.), already two pointer turns later Ryerson — also in the switching movement — but through a very placed 18-meter shot but off (9th).

Cold Cologne Shower shortly before the break

Cologne was the noticeably more active two energetic teams and sought his salvation, as is common under Rampart, in the wing. Modest (38., 42.) and Dada (40th) booked shortly before the break good chances for better householders, in the lead but Union: After a Czechs mistake under construction and a double pass with Yamaguchi Overall Propel Horn slightly faked (45. +1) — Agonist even almost shredded for a double strike (45. +3).

Borussia Dortmund - 1. FC Köln 2-0 | Highlights | Matchday 10 – Bundesliga 2021/22

In Berlin, the result was twisted, the Fischer-Eleven was therefore not after the restart. Cologne had a lot of possession and presented quite ideas — the best for a standard: the incoming hector headed a Keying free kick conveniently over (54.).

Managing the textbook — then the best way

Shortly thereafter, the guests decided to manage much more active. Higher ball gains, again more objects. The Effete had problems. Big problem. From the households, there was hardly anyway in the game, while the clock was merciful.

A new method elected Hector at the beginning of the final phase, with a long-distance shot Luther had his love trouble (76.). The next fertile idea was then a standard. Modest loosened by Baumgartner after a corner and brought the ball in the long corner (86.) — The final phase was opened.

Horn prevented the next direct response against Voglsammer (87th), the two-time master encoder Keying missed the big chance to home victory (88.).

Cologne, which in the Bundesliga in the fifth attempt for the first time does not lose against the Green, meets after the international space on 21 November at 5.30 pm away on Mainz 05. Union, which has missed the jump in fourth place, welcomes the day before (18.30 clock) Bertha BSC to the city derby.

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