Moves bounce off people's faces. Pressing 6 times to circle requires no skill. Fix the bullshit travel cartoons on jump steps. Improve help defense generally. Too much getting stuck on nba 2k20 mt players, not having the ability competition and to turn around, not having the ability to switch correctly. Game feels clunky. Locating games takes indefinitely. I want to play with but I can't. Nobody ought to be shooting threes with a de - evaluation. That doesn't mean you need to make shots brick that is open for no reason.

Badges like bailout, intimidator, pogo stick all promote habits that are bad. We can't have exactly the same parks for a different year. We can not have the builds for another year. Park rewards this year we are terrible in contrast to years. Superstar 2 to get a back pack? Superstar 1 only? More hairstyles. People have been requesting for years now. It would be nice rather than shoving a bunch in 1 weekend to get events throughout the week. I will not get into the performance difficulties, the servers, microtransactions or the lying from 2K staff.

For real. Every 2K game has a opportunity to be"amazing" but it never will be. And we will all still purchase it again, all us.Even if half this sub didn't preorder and purchase day one, it will not actually make a dent. Live needs to step their game up so we get the following 2K11. Live needs to drop from simulation style basketball will be bring back NBA Street.Facts, I won't preorder but that I will walk in store and buy it, make the wrong build (as I do every year) mill to 97, get blasted by squads in REC, put it down and play"The Show 19" for a bit, miss madden and the way EA ruined that (NCAA anyone?), sigh, and fire 2K again.

Watch attributes are removed by them again and hide behind the NEXTGEN CONSOLE TOO HARD excuse. I'm literally ashamed of myself that I am still going to buy it even though the very same problems that this years match has, will still be in next years game.And we still purchase the fucking match because there's no other alternative since NBA live is a joke. I only pray 1 day we receive a basketball match like they deserve from another company that yells at 2K.

I play with Fifa mainly and 2K as a secondary match. Trust me once I say 2K players got it great, you do not understand what horseshit is until you play Fifa.Same lol yall should pray to god NBA 2K aint owned by EA yall would lose ur minds.Its pretty insane how EA has forgotten to buy nba 2k20 mt coins about Manager/Franchise manners in Fifa and Madden. I'd play them if they have those.It simply does not monetise nearly too. I believe they making so that it funnels the player base into the greatest group mode it u playable.