Settle the issue of failure in MetaMask login with password

Software and issues are interlinked. They have a connection, and it's understood that if anyone is using software then they are probably going to witness an issue at one point of time. You can take the instance of any software whether it is a messaging app, email app, gaming app, or any other, and you will surely face an issue.

However, the issue can be major or minor. The same is the case with the crypto world and the trading tools associated with it. So, in this read, we are going to peep into one of the issues concerning the MetaMask login with password and its resolution.

What to do to iron out the issue?

MetaMask login with password is the simplest way of accessing your crypto wallet. To unlock the wallet, users have to provide the created password of their wallet. However, sometimes users face an issue getting into their wallet by using the password. Thus, to guide you on what actions you’ll have to take to get out of this problem, we have crafted this document. 

Through this read, we will be assisting you with the possible ways through which you will be able to fix the MetaMask showing incorrect password issue conveniently and without involving much of your time.

  • Start up again the wallet app (if operating through a mobile app)
  • Again start off your computer/laptop
  • Review the provided login credentials and if mentioned incorrectly, rectify them
  • Ensure that you are having a strong internet connectivity
  • Double-check if the servers of the wallet are having operational status
  • Wipe out all the cache history from your wallet app
  • Cross-check if you are using an updated version of the wallet
  • If using the VPN, take an action to disable it from your device
  • Reach out to the customer support team of the wallet

By putting all the listed measures into practice, you will surely be able to settle the issue and will then be able to access your wallet with a MetaMask login with password. 

Erasing the cache data of the MetaMask app

Moreover, the steps to erase the app’s cache history are:

  1. Hit on the MetaMask app to open it on your device
  2. Wait for the pop-up menu to open and then click on “App Info” “Clear Data”
  3. Bang on “Clear Cache” “OK”

This will clear out all the cache data of your MetaMask wallet within a snap.

Winding up

To sum up, if you get restricted from accessing the wallet through the MetaMask login with password and the screen displays the MetaMask showing incorrect password issue, immediately take an action to perform the listed measures to fix the issue as soon as possible. Further, if you are facing any other issue while working with the wallet, connect with the customer service team at your earliest. The concerned team will guide you on the right path.